The following excellent tutors worked with Ames Tutoring for several years. If you want to schedule a full ACT or SAT program, contact Heather. She has agreed to coordinate schedules with all the tutors.

Heather Feeney, MFA
Essay Writing
SAT: English areas
ACT: English & Science

Heather has tutored reading and writing to students in K-12, college and graduate programs for over 10 years. She has served as a writing consultant at several university writing centers and edited academic papers in the fields of psychology, art history and education. She has experience tutoring elementary phonics and comprehension using methods from Lindamood-Bell and Orton-Gillingham learning systems.  Her patience and skill have also successfully supported students with dyslexia, autism spectrum disorders and other learning challenges.  Heather graduated magna cum laude from Sonoma State University and earned an M.F.A in writing and printmaking. She currently teaches English composition and critical thinking at John F. Kennedy University. When she is not teaching, she enjoys playing the fiddle and drawing.

Fassil Bekele
Math: through Calculus
Science: Physics
ACT & SAT: Math

Fassil majored in mathematics and minored in statistics at the University of Chicago, and he holds a Master’s degree in Computer Science from Cornell University. He has also completed PhD course work in mathematics at Cornell. He taught college calculus at Cornell and has tutored students in a variety of mathematical subjects at all levels, from high school to college to graduate school. Fassil has an extensive background in the business world as well, having worked for several Walls Street firms in New York for over ten years.​

Reed Burkhart
Math: through Calculus
Science: Physics
ACT & SAT: Math

Reed double majored in mathematics and electrical engineering at the California Institute of Technology. With a perfect analytic score on the GRE, Reed was given a full scholarship and living expenses to obtain his masters one year later in electrical and computer engineering from UC Santa Barbara. Reed has applied his knowledge of mathematics, science and engineering to advance the fields of satellite communications, digital video, Internet, et al. with pre-eminent high-tech companies and currently is a freelance consultant helping: entrepreneurs to start their companies, venture capitalists to conduct due diligence on investments, and early stage companies to find and obtain funding. He is currently working on the creation of an international space weather industry research association. Reed’s greatest enjoyment of math and science is: 1) in tutoring students, or, 2) in leading the discovery of new science or solutions to practical problems.

Kim Carpenter
SAT & ACT: English areas

Kim is a graduate of Cornell University and holds California Teaching Credentials for grades K-12. She has taught high school English for six years, including four years in Asia at American and International Schools. Kim has also coached high school girls’ soccer and volleyball in addition to teaching Sunday School classes for the past ten years.

Catherine Wright
ACT & SAT: Math, Science, Reading

Catherine is a Phi Beta Kappa graduate, with Distinction, from the University of Colorado.  She holds a B.A. in Computer Science and Math and a minor in English.  Catherine applied her degree to a career in high-technology, specializing in internet startups and online digital commerce.  At Ames, Catherine specializes in ACT and SAT test prep, across all subjects, helping students with both the subject matter, and also with their test taking strategies.