Are you a great student and willing to work hard?  

Get college admission tests done with a few focused sessions


If you are an excellent student who is motivated to raise your scores, come work with Bill Ames.  Bill is especially skilled in helping strong students raise their scores and attain top scores.  The ACT and SAT tests are difficult tests, but students are often pleasantly surprised how fast they improve and begin to master the tests. 

Most students will have about 8 – 10 private sessions; if students need to improve their scores on only one or two parts of the test or if there is rapid improvement, there will be shorter and/or fewer sessions.

Scheduling and Practice Tests:  Students usually meet once a week and will be expected to take a full test (at home) between sessions. The tests do not have to be done in one sitting, so students can usually find time to get the work done. Many students are very busy and scheduling can be flexible, but success comes from steady practice and feedback.

Fee: $180 per hour (sessions are 1.5 hours)

Enrollment is very limited.     

Questions?  Email billames24@gmail.com




If you are uncertain about which test to prepare for, take a practice test for both, then decide. We can provide practice tests. If it does not  matter to you, choose the ACT because it is a slightly more academic test.  NOTE: every college will accept either test.

Bill Ames

Bill graduated from Columbia University where he received numerous academic honors and scholarships, as well as athletic awards – including induction into the Athletic Hall of Fame. After Columbia, Bill served in the Peace Corps in Brazil, taught high school, and created a non-profit company that provided leadership and success skills seminars for high school and college students throughout the country. He became a highly regarded motivational speaker for students, parents, and teachers throughout the Bay Area, Ohio, and New England.
Bill founded Ames Seminars in 1993. He is well known for his unique skills as a test-prep tutor for motivated students – students have come from as far away as Oregon to be tutored. 


Comments from Students

“To work with Bill at Ames Seminars was probably one of my smartest decisions in high school. Not only did he provide me with excellent tutoring for my SATs that allowed me to get the high scores I wanted, but he also gave me advice about the college admissions process and helped me think about what I want in a college. Bill’s knowledge and his affable personality make the whole spectrum of the college process seem a little less daunting.” Aislinn McNiece – Acalanes HS / Georgetown University

“I really enjoyed working with Bill. He is funny and enthusiastic, so the sessions were always fun! He patiently helped me with my biggest struggle, the timing, so my scores improved by over 300 points.  Bill’s insight into the college search process helped me figure out where to start. His tutoring helped me get the scores I needed to get into my first choice school, Dartmouth College. Thank you, Bill!”  Kelly Leonard – Campolindo High School / Dartmouth College

“My ultimate decision to attend Sarah Lawrence is in no small part thanks to you! Not only did you help me get good SAT and ACT scores that I’m very proud of (a 36 on the ACT reading section!), you really helped me figure out what I wanted out of a school and how to get that. I didn’t ever feel like you taught me out of some prep book. You really took the time to get to know me, as a person and as a student, and you taught me in a way that fit my learning style best! I know I couldn’t have done so well without you! I really mean it!! Thank you so much!”  Meghan Guptil – Miramonte HS/Sarah Lawrence

“Hello Mr. Ames, I want to share with you that I was admitted into my dream school, UCLA! I would really like to thank you for your time and sincerity through this whole process. You are helping students make their dreams possible.” Asya Tabdili – Azar/Clayton Valley HS, UCLA

“I got my scores this morning! I got 2300 with a perfect score on math and the essay! The score was thanks to you, especially the essay and vocabulary. These scores open up a lot of options. I very much appreciate your academic help as well as your advice. Thank you so much!”  Luke Asher – Las Lomas HS

“I want to check in and notify you of my scores. I got a 2250 (Math: 800, Writing: 740), which both my family and I are very proud of! Thank you so much for everything you did because I know that without you and your program my score would not be anywhere near where it is now. I truly appreciate all of your work.” Rebecca Yanes – Monte Vista HS/Stanford

“I went into my one-on-one tutoring with Bill with enough general knowledge to do well on the SAT. But Bill saw the little things I had problems with and helped me fix them. His specialized tutoring took my test-taking skills to another level and I went above my goals on both the PSAT and SAT.“ Will Golubics – College Park HS

In the past seven years Bill’s students have attended these colleges:   
*more than one student

  • Brown
  • Chicago*
  • Columbia*
  • Claremont McKenna
  • Cornell
  • Dartmouth
  • Duke
  • Georgetown
  • Harvard
  • Julliard
  • NYU
  • Penn*
  • Princeton
  • Smith
  • Stanford*
  • Tufts
  • UC Berkeley*
  • UCLA*
  • Vassar*
  • Washington St Louis*
  • Yale*